The Sun of the East (Baikal)

This tour is like a beautiful shining necklace with precious stones which the Baikal offers to its visitors: shaman magic of Olkhon, enchanting fairy tales of Ushkany islands and – ChivyrkuiskyBay; mysteries of the ancient "Bargudzhin Tokum" - the land of ancestors - Barguzin Valley. The old Russian city of Irkutsk and the center of Buddhism in Russia - the capital of Buryatia Ulan-Ude.

We invite you to take an exciting journey where every single day opens the whole world for you.

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Full itinerary

1Day. Meeting of the group in Irkutsk. City tour. Irkutsk with its 350 years history and with its historical centre that remained till our days and its location as “Eastern capital of Russia” can be considered one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia.

Moving to Olkhon island to Khuzhir village (270 km). We travel on a ferry across Strait Olkhonsk Gate – this is our first meeting with the Baikal.


Meals are included: breakfast in the café, lunch in the hotel.
2Day.Journey to Khoboy Cape for the whole day(northern end of the island). Impressive pillar-like cliff, which gave its name to the Cape, has its own legend. The Cape is situated near the broadest part of the Baikal (79,5 km ). It is the place from where you will have the best outlook to appreciate the great size of the lake which local people call “sea”. Diversity of landscapes and natural relics of the Island on the way. Lunch en route (picnic).

Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch – picnic.

3 Day.Recreation on the island. Olkhon offers a diversity of scenery of Baikal coastline. For those who prefer wild nature and for photographers Olkhon is a place where one can find and admire rich diversity of landscapes and spectacular scenery. Visit beautiful beaches of Olkhon. Famous 3-km-wide beach of Saraysk Bay with white sand, splendid nature, and clear water of the Baikal. Optional ordering of excursions for extra charge. Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel.

4 Day.After breakfast we go to the quay of Khuzhir village where a motor ship is waiting for us, we set off on a cruise across the Lake Baikal. When crossing the Maloye Sea, we can admire all the rocks and cliffs of Olkhon Island from the water. We round the Khoboy Cape and approach the reserved place Ushkansky Islands - they are a home to a famous Baikal seal – phoca. Optional disembarkation. We come to the shore across Chyvyrkuisky Bay. After the day that was full of impressions we get to the overstay place by the evening, accommodation in the cabins or tents.Meals are included: breakfast in the hotel, dinner and lunch – in the ship

5 Day. After lunch transfer to Ust-Barguzin village(about 50 km). Accommodation in the hotel. Recreation inBarguzin Bay
Meals are included: breakfast and lunch in the ship, lunch – in the hotel.

City car tour across Barguzin Valley, legendary country “Bargudzhin-Tokum”. Barguzin valley is a repository of archeological and natural relics. Visiting the worship place of Yanjima Goddess whose face appeared on a big stone at the mountain foot several years ago. Visiting datsan. Visiting Suvinks Saxony (cliff-remnants that look like towers of an old castle) and mineral spring, Burkhan (the place of worship) for Buhe-Shulun" (Bull-stone - the protector of the valley). Magnificent natural relic – Ininsk Stone Garden. Picnic in the open air. Return to the hotel. Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch – picnic.

7 Day. Recreation Barguzin Bay.Barguzin, the largest bay of Lake Baikal, is famous for its long sandy beaches surrounded by pine forest. During the summer, if the weather is warm and calm, the water in the Barguzin bay warms up to 20-22º C.

It is possible tour booking (optional, surcharge).

You will be offered a tour "The spirits of the ancient Land - visit to Evenkis". (We continue the journey through the Barguzin Valley. Today we head to the resort Alla (translated from the Evenkis - "fishy place"). In the valley of the Alla river there are more than 50 hot springs outputs. The river flows in a picturesque mountain valley surrounded by bizarre rocks of Barguzin range.

There we will be meet by friendly Evenkis center "Yukte". Evenkis are the people who has been living near the lake Baikal since ancient times. Where and when this nation origined from, is still unclear. According to scientists, the Evenkis are the direct heirs of the culture of the Stone Age on the shores of Baikal. In the Evenkis families, they still transmit ancient tales and legends, customs and beliefs, coming from the depths of time.

Evenkis rite meeting, rite of veneration of holy places. You will learn the ancient legends and customs of the Evenkis. Lunch - national cuisine. A walk in the picturesque surroundings of the resort.

Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
8 Day. Transfer to Ulan-Ude (300 km). Hotel accommodation. Excursion to Ivolginski Datsan (Lamaist temple)."At the foot of the Khamar-Daban, on the steppes, in a quiet stow, it is the spiritual capital of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia - Ivolginski Lamaist temple. ... .In sunny weather gilded temples shine brightly, meeting pilgrims and visitors from afar. It seems fleeting time here has stopped, and the air is filled with tart and spicy scent of flowering grasses.

Ivolginski temple is a large monastery complex. Original artworks decorate the interiors of the temple. Here are the residence of Khambo Lama, the head of Russian Buddhists; Buddhist University, where is on the learning of khuvaraks-training novices; lamas' homes. Lamaist temple is under state protection as a monument of religious architecture.

After returning - sightseeing walking tour through the city center with visiting of the main attractions: the famous monument to Lenin ( "Lenin's head"), the opera house and the pedestrian area street - Lenin street, and also Odigitrievsky Cathedral. You will see and feel the beauty of the east, and special spirit of the capital!

Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
9 Day. Early departure from the hotel. Transfer to Slyudyanka village (340 km). Tour of the Circum-Baikal Railway.On the excursion train you will pass by the site of the old Circum-Baikal railway, that in 1905, like a "golden buckle", connected the "broken" Trans-Siberian Railway, that is used to be called a "steel belt" of Russia. Of great interest to tourists are the tunnels, powerful retaining walls, viaducts, made of cut stone, wooden buildings in the style of "modern" of the early twentieth century. The road and the area adjacent to it, include not only the numerous monuments of engineering art and architecture, but also a variety of monuments of nature - geology, mineralogy, zoology, biology.

On the road there will be travel information from the guide and demonstration of films about Baikal, 5-6 tours with stops walking. The duration of one stop is from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Arrival in Port Baikal, then - by boat - go to Listvyanka village. Transfer to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch in the train
10 Day. Leaving the hotel. Transfer to the railway station or airport. Departure
Meals are included: breakfast in the hotel.