Discovery Siberia

All Siberia: Novosibirsk - Altay - Chemal village - Chuysky tract -Kalbak-Tash- Karakol Valley - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk - Listvyanka - Baykal- Olkhon - Khoboy Cape. 12 days of gorgeous adventure!

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Discovery Siberia

Full itinerary

1Day. Meeting at Tolmachevo airport, Novosibirsk.

Sightseeing tour of Novosibirsk:from merchant mansions and openwork wooden houses built in the beginning of the last century, up to modern skyscrapers, soars into the clouds. Novosibirsk no accident called "Siberian Chicago" - in just 70 years since its formation, it grew up from the village into the city with over million population.

Tour to Novosibirsk Academic town (Akademgorodok):the narration about the history of the town of science, the contribution of Academician Lavrentyev in the emergence and formation of a large Siberian center of science, the unique concept of the Akademgorodok construction. Next, we will go along Lavrentyev's avenue, listening to a story about the institutes and research centers, located in it.

Meals are included:dinner - Russian cuisine in Novosibirsk restaurant.Transfer to the Republic of Altai.
2Day.Early check-in. Accommodation, recreation.

Excursion to the Chemal village. The landmark of all Chemal region is Chemal hydro power station – the first hydro power station in Altai, constructed in 1935. The station is located near the junction of the Chemal and Katun rivers.

The best viewpoint is Sartakpai's Gates, named in honor of the hero of the Altai epos. Besides, you will visit a temple in Patmos island, where you will touch the history of the Christian mission in Chemal, you will see the self-renewing holy image. Lunch.

Excursion to the complex of the Russian culture “Desyatiruchka”. The general excursion at the complex, the master class “Magic doll”. The guide will tell you about the Slavic traditions of making dolls, the kinds of dolls and their meaning, about the Russian stove in Russian fairytales. You will get to know old Russian entertainments, you will have the opportunity to do a circle dance, to walk on stilts and even to shoot with a sling. Then you will do a guarding doll with your own hands which you will bring with yourself as a token of Altai.

Meals are included:breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel.

3Day.Check out from the hotel. Tour along Chuysky tract.Today, we will drive more than 300 km along the legendary Chuysky tract, which is rich by historical, geographic and natural monuments.

We will overcome the well-known mountain passes Seminsky and Chike-Taman. We will see the beautiful rivers Katun and Chuya, the place of their merger and some thresholds (3 -5 category of complexity), which are a part of water routes. We will visit the ancient complex of petroglyphs Kalbak-Tash.The complex contains more than 500 compositions, consisting of more than 5,000 drawings, the oldest of which were made in the 8th millennium BC. Moving along Chuysk tract deeper into Altai, we will see the change of climatic zones. Chuysk tract goes higher and higher. Following it, we find ourselves in the Kurai steppe. The majestic panorama of the North-Chuya ridge, taiga and steppe ... - today we have plenty of opportunities to see and capture the extraordinary landscapes!

Hotel accommodation in Aktash village.

Meals are included:breakfast in the hotel.

4 Day.Automobile excursion to the Karakol Valley.

You will get acquainted with the specially protected conservation area of Altai - the Karakol Valley, which bears a sacred meaning for the native population from the earliest times. During the excursion, travelers will touch the history of Altai, they will get familiar with the archeological complexes of the ancient Pazyryk culture, cave paintings and runic writings.

The traditional cultural beliefs and lifestyle of the Altaianshave been kept to this day.

The folkloric concert (throat singing), Lunch with the degustation of ethnic foods.

All this will help you to completely understand the Altai culture

Meals are included: lunch in café, dinner in the hotel.

5 Day.Transfer to Novosibirsk. On the way - a brief tour of the old merchant quarters of Biysk. Arriving at the railway station. Departure to Krasnoyarsk.

Meals are included: breakfast in the hotel.

6Day.Meeting in Krasnoyarsk, at the railway station. Krasnoyarsk city tour.Krasnoyarsk is the largest of the oldest cities in Siberia, which history goes back to almost 400 years. Modern Krasnoyarsk is the city with million population, the administrative center of the Krasnoyarsk Region, a major economic, scientific and educational center.

Excursion to the reserve "Stolby", a nature's monument of Krasnoyarsk Region (transfer to the reserve by cars, a tour to the central group of rocks).

Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Irkutsk.

Meals are included:breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafe.

7 Day.Meeting of the group in Irkutsk. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation

Irkutsk City tour with its 355 years history and with its historical centre that remained till our days and its location as “Eastern capital of Russia” can be considered one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia.

Meals are included:lunch and dinner in the hotel.
8 Day.Automobile excursion to Listvyanka settlement,located on the shore of Baikal, in 70 km from Irkutsk.

On the way, excursion to the architectural and ethnographical museum “Talzy”. Talzy is a unique museum in the open air, with the collection of historical, architectural and ethnographical monuments of XVII–XIX centuries: nooks of the Russian and Buryat villages, also Evenki camping ground. You will be met by the Russian popular ensemble “KrasnayaGorka” – the ensemble meets the guests with vivid traditional songs, bread and salt, a loaf on a beautiful embroidered towel and cheerful dances. You will have a master class on the folk craft – painting of all-known Russian doll. The museum will not leave you cold, you will feel the heart of the old Russian village, get familiar with the way of living and culture of settlers of Ancient Rus. Lunch in the inn where you will taste native Russian cuisine with the Siberian flavor such as: sogudai, pancakes with cowberry, Siberian herbal tea and many other recognizable dishes.

Visiting of Baikal limnological museum.This is a single museum in the world, the expositions of which will put you in touch with the history of lake study, its animals and plant kingdom. There is a live exposition in the museum where you may see such representatives of the fauna as seal, Arctic cisco, whitefish and sturgeon. Ascention to Stone Cherskogo. It is a peak over the Angara headstream with a wonderful landscape of Baikal.

Free time for walking on the embankment of the settlement with an incredible view of Baikal and the powerful Sayan Mountains, visiting of the sightseeing platform, visiting of souvenir and fish markets where you can buy authentic Siberian token gifts and taste the legendary Baikal omul.

Meals are included: and dinner in the hotel.
9 Day.Transfer toOlkhonisland to Khuzhir village (270 km).

On the wayexcursion to Ust-Orda settlement– the center of Buryat Autonomous Okrug. Visiting of the State National museum. You will get acquainted with the Buryat history, culture, religion and customs from the earliest times up to now. The group will be met according to the ancient Buryat customs. The excursion will enculturate you with the local kind of battle, which had been practiced since the earliest times, it will help you to plunge into the local folklore, unknown to the external world. To complete the excursion, the shaman will carry out the traditional ceremony for a successful trip, he will tell you about the ancient practices and the philosophy of life of the local population. Also we will visit Ust-Orda datsan, which traces its history since 1919. The official opening of the recovered datsan was on August 4, 2011. Lunch – Buryat national cuisine. Feel the flair of the local cuisine in all its diversity! The main meals and the favourite dish of the Buryats for all times is “buuzy”.

Then we travel on a ferry across Strait Olkhon Gate – this is our first meeting with Baikal.


Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch – in the cafe .
10 Day.The trip for the whole day to Khoboy Cape(the northern tip of the island). Today you will have auto-water trip.

You will pass through the steppes; you will see the picturesque bay with blue clear water and small bizarre islands. You will stay among aeolian sands; you will watch a spectacular expanse of boundless shores of the lake Baikal from the high mountains of Olkhon coast.

The places that you will see during this route make people powerful. The ancient history of the island and the traditions that go back in time, confirm it at every step: the pillars for horse standing- so called "serge" - with flying in the wind hadaks, sacred groves with centuries-old larches, legends telling about the power of shamans and the greatness of the gods...

On the way back, you will find a cruise along the coast of Olkhon, between the bizarre islands of the Small sea.

Meals are included: breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch - picnic.

11 Day.T oday before lunch, you have free time. You can spend it as you wish: horse riding, quad biking, bicycling, or just go to the beach to spend a few hours alone with the Great Baikal.

After the lunch - transfer to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation. Gala dinner in a restaurant.

Meals are included:breakfast and lunch in the hotel, dinner in a restaurant.
12 Day.Transfer to the airport.

Meals are included: breakfast.